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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The struggle...

Sorry I have been a bit absent over the last few weeks, with assignments and exams coming up PLUS the CrossFit CHCH Primal Challenge, finding the time has been a struggle!

I have also been finding coming up with new and exciting meals a bit of a struggle over the last few weeks! I have resorted to many a kumara hash brown and so many salmon omelets - see the photos below...

Salmon Spinach Feta Omelet - remember your lemon rind

 Steak, Salad and Kumara Hash

Yummy Chicken Thigh, Vege with Carrot and Kumara Hash

Something I did make which was a bit different but grew on me as I ate it was a Kumara Cheese Bake. Just like the good old Potato Bake my Mum used to make with a few variations, but still very simple.

Kumara - any colour and amount depends on how much you want
Coconut Cream / Milk

Peel and slice Kumara

Place in a dish and half cover with Coconut Cream. Cover with grated cheese and sprinkle Paprika.
Bake for 40 minutes at 160 degrees C.

Served with Salmon and Broccoli

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