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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Looking for a good Butcher in New Zealand?

Today I went to visit "Everybody's Butchery" in Christchurch. I had been told that they do a good range of sugar, preservative and grain free meat products.

I was greeted by Lisa, the owner of the butchery. Lisa has been classically trained in Germany and prides herself in making the highest quality small goods. A friend of Lisa's eats Paleo and it was from her that their range of Paleo small goods evolved, absolutely flour, preservative and MSG free. Not to mention gluten free of course.

All meats in the butchery are sourced in Canterbury and are grass fed.

On top of all these awesome good quality products, they are also a fantastic price, "$2 less per kilo than the supermarket" Lisa says. And she is right, Ribeye for $26kg and Sausages for $14kg - just to name two.

Have a look at the pork products they sell. Just the start of their endless products at great prices.

And looking for Paleo Small Goods, look no further!

Paleo Bacon - $25 / kg
Beef Jerkey - $5 / 100g
Bier sticks - $30 /kg
Paleo Ham - $29.95 /kg
The original German Bratwurst and Snailsausages on the list are particularly Paleo as well.

Now if this all sounds too good to be true, go and visit them yourself! 372 Selwyn Street in Christchurch. For those of you not in Christchurch, I asked if Lisa would courier you a selection of meat on request and she said yes! South Island delivery cost $12 for up to 15kg. Bargain and you don't need to leave the house! She will happily deliver to the North Island too, with the cost probably being just slightly more than $12. 

So my suggestion is to flag the supermarket meat and head on over. I think I am going to make a weekly list and preorder it, pick it up on the same day each week. Really excited. You should do the same! Here is the email address to send your orders or ask questions,

Good on Everybody's Butchery for keeping good quality meats affordable for everyone! Thanks Lisa.

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