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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paleo School Lunch Ideas

I often get asked what I give my son for lunch. It definitely is a bit more trickey doing Paleo lunches for preschool or school because your kids look at what everyone has and wants it. The reality of sugar. So I try to make lunch as appealing as possible, the best meal of the day. It doesn't always work but I give it my best go! Many parents will tell you that the lunch box often comes home full, so we always get our son to eat it when he gets on home. Without the distractions, it usually gets eaten.

Here are a few pictures of what Elias has had for lunch over the past month.
He has had everything from Paleo pizza, pork patties, quiche, chicken nuggets, salmon fritters, chicken and kumara hash and boiled eggs with salami. All with some kind of vegetables and then a piece of fruit on the side. You may need a cold pack in the lunch box to keep it chilled until lunch.

I hope this gives you some lunch inspiration for your children!


  1. Gosh , I'd have thought a clean green place like NZ would have heathly food policies in schools. My sons school for 3-18yr olds is a junk and sugar free zone.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. It's always hard to cut out/reduce sugar and junk when your kids' friend have lunchboxes full of packaged rubbish and sugary treats. But we owe it to our kids to give them 'clean' healthy food.

  3. Great ideas, not just for kids :p Do you have to reheat the kumara hash, or can you just serve it cold?