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Friday, 11 October 2013

Is Paleo Nutrition enough to achieve your health goals?

Published recently from Suz and the Paleo Network in Aussie - These points are spot on and I've added some extra notes on sleep for you.

You can have your nutrition absolutely perfect, but without getting the other factors right, it can be hard to be truly healthy. Diet aside; the important factors seem to be:

Movement & strength. Do you get much movement in your life? Another new study this week has highlighted just how beneficial walking is - there's no need to join an expensive gym. Lifting has also been shown to have significant benefits - but again, you can achieve so much at home with (free!) body weight exercises such as pull ups and push ups.

Sunshine. So many people are terrified to get so much as a few seconds in the sun. But Vitamin D is so crucial to our well being - and something we just can't get from food alone. It's important not to burn, but just a few minutes of sunshine can be a huge health boast.

Sleep . This is crucial. Do you know how much you really need a night? How often do you get that? If you don't get enough sleep you will have alleviated Cortisol Hormone Levels - aka the stress hormone. When this hormone is consistently high in your body, you will find it very challenging to achieve your physical and mental goals. Focus on getting a quality 7-9hrs a day, in a dark room with no noise - try ear plugs!

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