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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Preparing for the days ahead....

With tomorrow being the start of the work week, today I did a little preparation for the coming days. 

I made a Egg Plant Vege Bake, Roasted Kumara, Almond Biscuits and a tray of Baked Yummy Chicken Legs. Time in the kitchen, including dishes probably 90 minutes.

On the menu at our house today:

Breakfast - Omelet with Bacon, Cheese and Mushroom.
Lunch - Tuna and Egg Plant Vege Bake, followed by a smoothie
Dinner - Chicken Red Curry, leftovers for lunch tomorrow
Dessert - Berry Pancake with Whipped Cream

Elias loved all of the food and more. I always give him what we are eating, sometimes I have success - others not so much. One day he will only eat mushrooms and the next only wants good sources of fat or protein. What I have learnt is that he eats what he needs - he will never starve himself. We let him take the lead his eating - providing good options for him to choose from.

Today Elias snacked on Almond Butter, Greek Yogurt, Apple, Banana and some of the Yummy Chicken Legs. Hungry boy today - Grazed all day.

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