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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A hot summers day and walnuts!

Peter was off early this morning, on the menu for him at work was leftover mince and veges (made yesterday for the purpose of his lunches) and leftover beef casserole from the slow cooker with mashed kumara, last night's dinner.

After a lovely morning snuggle with my wee man, it was up and time for food! Breakfast is the new word and Elias is always ready and waiting at this table!

Breakfast for Elias was walnuts, a few pieces of leftover chicken, scrambled egg and a banana.

Followed shortly by prunes and yogurt. 

And off to the park with snacks of Apple and Almond Date Biscuit.

Lunch was more walnuts (as requested) and chicken pan fried with Parmesan and almond. I went for this option because it was the easiest and provided leftovers for my husband and myself for a couple of days. Plus it seems to be a winner most times!

After his nap, a coconut berry smoothie cheered him up and made him much more pleasant :-)

The you guessed it, more walnuts!

Dinner we all sat together and ate BBQ Ribeye and salad. Best steak in ages! Elias really enjoyed the cherry tomatoes, thinking they were berries!! Enough salad leftover lunch tomorrow, to go with that chicken.

Bed with TWO bottles of coconut milk! Thirty boy with all this heat!

Leftovers is the way to be organised for the next day, if you cook more at meal times - it's much less work :-)

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