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Monday, 25 November 2013

Paleo Camping

This weekend our son turned 4 and wanted to go camping and fishing! So off we went with our little 3 month old baby in tow. I have to say, my preparation for this trip was pretty poor. I did get a chance to bake the night before so we have Paleo muffins and banana bread, which were life saving treats for Mummy and Daddy. However, other than that I just threw all our fresh fruit and vegetables in the chilly bin with some frozen meat and a precooked chicken. Other essentials that we had to take was of course were coconut cream, eggs, tinned tomatoes, coconut muesli and nuts.

Paleo camping is pretty easy if you have access to fresh produce and meat. You can't go past the bacon and egg fry up for breakfast and salad bits and meat for your other meals. We did have to get extra eggs as ours overheated in the boiling tent and some extra ham and salami. And of course there was the birthday boy's very NON PALEO chocolate ice cream treat - which obviously went down very well and he hasn't stopped asking for ice cream since!

Check out some of the meals we ate:

And yes, admittedly we only went for three days but that was definitely enough in the heat with a little baby! :-)

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