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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

CrossFit Christchurch 6 Week Primal Challenge

About the Primal Challenge

  • Loose body fat!
  • Improve your SLEEP – ENERGY – MOOD – HEALTH
  • Make new successful habits with your nutrition and lifestyle

‘Most improved’ person – WINS CASH!! 

What is the Primal Lifestyle Challenge?

Start eating real foods, focus on positive habit change and see the difference in your health and well being in just 6 weeks.

The CrossFit Christchurch Primal Lifestyle Challenge runs from the 14th of May – 24th June. Prizing Giving will be held on the 30th June at 11am.

Participation is OPEN both to Members and Non Members!  Invite your friends and family to join in.

What does the challenge involve?

All participants of the challenge will come to a FREE seminar on Saturday the 5th of May at 11am. At the seminar you will find out all about Primal eating and why it will change your life for the better. You will receive information / resources and set your own personal goals. If desired, you can have your before and after measurements and/or photo taken by our Nutritional Coach Sara.

What are my options and how much does it cost?

You can choose between the following levels:

OPEN – Free
Participants who wish to partake at the OPEN level can do so for FREE
  • You will track your daily nutrition using Evernote, however you will not be eligible for the cash prize.

BRONZE – BUY IN is $60.
You will:
  • track your daily nutrition using Evernote
  • complete a daily online accountability form
  • receive weekly progress reports AND
  • be in to WIN the CASH!

SILVER – BUY IN is $120
As Bronze, PLUS:
  • get 6 weeks of meal plans, shopping lists, recipes to help you with your journey – take the thinking out of it and just follow the meal plans for greater success!
  • Share your nutrition journal with our Nutrition Coach Sara and receive online nutrition coaching.

GOLD – BUY IN is $240
As Silver, PLUS:
  • 3 x Personal Nutrition Coaching Sessions with Sara to work on specific goals / challenges over the 6 week period.


Other than looking and feeling fantastic the prize is CASH. The more people who participate, the greater the CASH prize. For example, if 10 people do the challenge, the cash prize is $300!
Winner is person who had the most successful habit change as judged by the CrossFit Team - judging will be based on Evernote Food Journal, daily accountability forms and before-after measurements / photos.

Register for the FREE seminar here

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