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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Trying a different approach for preparing Paleo Lunches for Policeman Pete

Instead of making larger meals and using the leftovers as lunches, this week I am preparing separate meals to use specifically for lunches. This is primarily because I am still cooking for 2 extras adults with the in-laws being here and my kitchen isn't designed for larger meals than that in one go!

On the menu this week is:

Grilled then Baked Chicken Breasts with Olive and Salt, Skin on - the grilling helps make the skin go crispy.
Beef Red Curry with mushrooms, carrots and red pepper.
Mince with mushrooms, tomato, garlic and grated carrot.
Grilled Pork Strips with Olive Oil and Salt

All get extra veges and salad bits where needed AND for sweet treats / moral boosters:

Almond Hazelnut Berry Muffins
Coconut Orange Muffins

Time in the kitchen was probably 90 minutes over two days, but a lot of multi tasking in there too. So it didn't feel like long and surprisingly took the pressure off meal times. Pete happy all his lunches are ready too! Awesome all around :-)

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