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Friday, 2 March 2012

How do you maintain primal eating whilst you have visitors who LOVE sugar?

As previously mentioned, my in-laws are visiting from the UK for 4 weeks. It is great to have my son's grandparents here and they get on like a house on fire - it is amazing!

My cupboards do look A BIT different at the moment though....

....... each supermarket trips collects 2-5 packets of goodies.

Funnily, I think the biggest challenge I am having (and my husband) is watching them eat all the toast and biscuits. Not because we want them but because we don't understand why they want them! Bare in mind, we are talking about 4-6 bread and cake items a day. And then seeing the affect the sugar is having on them, lack of energy and super tired etc....

They are great, they support our way of eating and encourage it with Elias. But we are constantly having to stop ourselves from trying to change their diet. Not what I was expecting :-)

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