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Sunday, 19 February 2012

NZ Preschools - Nut Free Zones

I'm sure you would agree that the 'Nut Free Zone' requirements for most Preschools come as the result of the rising incidence of Peanut Allergies - Right?

If you didn't know you already, Peanuts are NOT nuts but rather legumes.... surely it should be a 'Legume Free Zone' then?? How many people have an allergy to Almonds or Walnuts?


The misunderstanding that Peanuts are a nut, causes families like us - who use nut flours in place of grain flours, problems when packing preschool lunches.

And then there is Coconut - is that allowed?

I don't have a solution, other than a change in policy. However it is an interesting debate...

Simple Tasty Breakfast Muffin - Almond, Ham, Cheese and Mustard.


  1. I have this problem, my daughters preschool has a nut ban (and does have children with severe allergies), however, the kindergarten, (which also has children with allergies), did not have a ban, they preferred to teach the children how to handle their allergy. And as far as I know, so far, the school does not have a ban in place.

    I have come to accept it (and check the lunchbox for illegal items when transferring from kindy to preschool!)

    I think the biggest problem is that people have no idea about peanuts, though I had read somewhere that if a child has a peanut allergy, they are more likely to have a tree-nut allergy as well. I accept it at preschool, as there are very young children who tend to put everything in their mouth and I would hate to think that something I had sent along had caused a child to get sick or worse.

    So for now I use coconut flour and will do until they tell me they have banned that too :-)


  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment.

    It really does become hard, children can be allergic to anything and you can't wrap them up in cotton wool forever. However, with the rising number of children with celiac disease, hopefully they will one day ban wheat products at school! :-) (one can only hope!)

    Do you have any awesome coconut flour recipes you can share??? I find it so dry to cook with but love the taste!

    Thank you for your time. Sara :-)