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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The hardest thing about eating Paleo

I think the hardest thing about eating a Paleo Diet is that other people just don't get it - and most of them don't want too.

"Yes I know that that muffin has Banana in it, but Elias still can not eat it"

(especially since he just ate mummy's new recipe for coconut, almond and blueberry muffin!)

Whilst I know that most offers are bad with love, I have to say that the common theme that comes back to me from my Nutritional Clients is that their families/friends are often the biggest challenge they face. From Aunties telling them they look too skinny, to friends forcing bread on their plates..

I often wonder what they (the family members or friends) get out of not being supportive of their loved ones choices? Why do they care if they don't eat bread? Only want to eat non-processed food?

How do you get out of situations like that? Feeling ok about yourself? Usually I tell people to just be honest, "bread gives me the shits" or "I'm on a weight loss mission and eating that crap makes me fat and gaseous!".

But sometimes, you just have tell people to mind their own business - in a polite way of course! Don't expect them to understand because it probably won't happen.

It's your life - eat how you want - not how someone else wants you too.

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