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Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th Jan 2012

My son, Elias, being the determined little fellow is his, wakes up and heads straight for the fridge. The Coconut milk is grabbed and handed to me - while the Primal Diet allows for Milk, he is lactose intolerant.  

Then a request for Chicken - only because, I think, it was in his CARS lunch box. 

While Elias contemplates the chicken I prepare some food for the day. I make a pork meatloaf with some cheap pork mince I picked up and roast some kumara (sweet potato) in the oven at the same time.

After my little darling decides against the chicken, he eats some scrambled eggs with us, and we add some leftover chicken. A little fruit and some nuts.

Elias eats some apple and then a Coconut Berry Smoothie my husband has made for a snack. Plus a few bits of roasted kumara.

My husband has his lunch which includes the Pork Meatloaf, which apparently isn't as good as I usually make it. I had some leftover Salmon with Avocado.

Elias has daycare this afternoon. They provide afternoon tea however they are happy for us to provide a snack for him. We decided that it would be much easier to provide a snack than explain to them how we eat.

I give him a treat Almond Berry Muffin and they all share fruit.

After my WOD at CrossFit Christchurch, I had some of that YUMMY Smoothie, so good! Could drink a bucket full!

As we leave daycare Elias spies a Rice Cracker on the table and is in, before I can say no. We do our best to be grain free with him however accept that nothing is that simple. 

If food groups are completely off limits - he will want them more. Therefore I pick my battles.

Dinner is Chicken Breast fried in Almond Meal and Parmesan and green vegetables. Some Greek yogurt for dessert for Elias and some red wine for Mummy.

A pretty successful food day for us. Elias ate a good amount which was awesome and is sleeping soundly. Fingers crossed for an earthquake FREE night :-)

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